Metal Roof Snow Guards

Stop Sliding Snow Damage!


Models 65A and 45A Snowguard


304 Stainless Steel

Our snow guards are manufactured with type 304 stainless steel which has a high resistance to rust and corrosion.


Powder Coated

All Snow Guards are powered coated creating a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.


Multiple Colors Available

Over 30 Drexel Metal colors are available so you’ll be able to match to any existing or new construction.


Lifetime Warranty

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your snow guards were built to last and we’ll back it up with a lifetime warranty.


Snowguard 45

16 gauge Stainless Steel with an EPDM rubber seal to protect your traditional metal roof from sliding snow . No caulk required, patent pending. 50 pcs. per 15 lb box.


Snowguard 65A

304 stainless steel designed to protect your standard seam metal roof from sliding snow. Snow Guards install using two set screws that firmly hold against the metal roof seam without penetrating the metal.

Product Images

Model 65A Front View

Model 65A Back View

Model 65A Bottom View

Model 45A Back View

Model 45A Bottom EPDM Seal

Beartown Snowguards are manufactured by:
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